I am a Fashion Design student at leeds university. I love classic style, i adore timeless elegance. This blog is a record of my experiences on my journey through my degree, my fashion influences and discoveries.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

walking and inspiration

I always go walking when i am at home and visiting my parents, apart from being theraputic and a great way of seeing countryside and getting out, there is also lots of inspiration for my work. The Thatched house here has given me some interesting design ideas in terms of materials and garment structure aswell as being a very skillfully done and beautiful structure itself.

The little shack sold all sorts of bits and bobs and i couldnt resist having a rummage, it was so unexpected just off the beach in someones backyard where a little old lady and her husband were running a tearoom in their front room, it was so quaint and unusual. I ended up buying Knitting patterns, dress patters, knitting needles and some old harpers magazine cuttings and obviously an icecream ....... its amazing what you can find in the most unexpected of places.

Sex and the City Fashion

Leeds Fashion show

Leeds Graduate Fashion Show was held at Victoria Works warehouse this year and was a display of beautiful, interesting, creative and innovative work. The menswear in this show was what inspired me to take the menswear pathway in fashion. Previously i had been unable to make a decision but this was a great clarification for me as well as a brilliant day and a chance to see what i will hopefully be able to achieve in the near future.